domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

New Band of The Year: The Cinema

New Band of The Year: The Cinema

by outroversion
The Cinema is Leighton Antelman of Lydia and their producer Matt Malpass and their songs are accidental masterpieces. Borne out of a friendship, a common interest in music and a desire to create 4 minute songs that will "take somebody's mind to a different time or place" and man, is that ever what this music does.
I first heard Kill It at the start of what we English call Summer but in reality is more of an anti-climax than a 21st century sequel to your favourite childhood movie. If you can describe such delicate mastery as "banging" than that's what this track is, when it drops after 5 seconds with warped keys fading out to Leighton's deliberate yet drifting vocals. That was before I heard the frankly beautiful Picasso, each listen of this song is like an injection of starry eyed love and virtue into your heart. That might sound a little precious but wait til you fall for this band. If you don't, there's no hope (':
My cat loved The Postal Service back in the day and I haven't seen him groove down to a record as much as he did to their new album "My Blood is Full of Airplanes", I'll do a full review on it when I've heard it a few dozen more times as it's bound to be right up there in my albums of the year, it is just magnificent. Just for the record that's not my cat, I just dig that gif, Seth really does get down though I'll have to video it (:
Sometimes when I'm not listening to The Cinema, I convince myself they don't really exist as nothing can sound this perfect.
Does he roll like Picasso, when he traces your figure with his eyes?
Yeah, I know you'll Kill it.