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Rec's del amigo OUTRO: "SXSW 2012 Top 4 Picks"

SXSW 2012 Top 4 Picks

by outroversion
With SXSW kicking off at the end of this week I wanted to highlight a few artists that I want to make sure everyone checks out.
Michelle Armstrong
Chicago's Michelle Armstrong was the first real standout of the 1000 or so artists I heard in the lead up to this year's showcase and even after hearing everyone else she remains so. Best considered as Folk Rock in the vein of Lissie or Tiffany Page, Armstrong joined up with Austin based band The Steps last year who provide a primal energy to her feisty, yet mostly upbeat tones.
Download: Superstars

Formed in, unbelievably 1995, Eve 6's original 3 members have had an on off relationship for the ensuing 17 years. The Californian boys' teenage pop punk beginnings saw them achieving platinum success with their debut album and similarly with their sophomore effort. Poor sales of their third album as well as the toll of success at such an early age led to an "indefinite hiatus" which ended in 2007 and has ultimately climaxed in the release of their latest album which features the gem I have included here. The rest of their stuff isn't at all far off this so definitely check out their catalogue and see them in Texas if you can.
Download: Lost and Found

Go Radio
From Florida, Go Radio are a bit darker with metal overtones consciously moving away from potential pop punk comparisons though it has to be said they're still clearly there. 5 years from creation, last year saw their most important with the release of their debut album and tour in other continents than their own. Well worth the time.
Download: Any Other Heart

Surf pop at it's 21st century finest, clanging guitars and rich harmonies no one is trying to be the Beach Boys here but there's the obvious homage to be paid here. Only two years old Squarehead are, quite ridiculously- Irish. Yeah. So, already with Morrissey counted among their fans they're here to take things to the next sun kissed level.


Festival Update: Truck 2012

by outroversion
I refrained from publishing my instant reaction to Truck Festival's first line up announcement, as it took a little while to sink in. Usually the form early doors for medium sized festivals is to announce some big names and then a host of smaller ones or just quality middle range acts across the board.
So this line up featuring indie heavyweights Mystery Jets, world music's live scene behemoths 65 Days of Static, Mercury nominated folk troubadour Villagers, NME hyped Theme Park and Truck 2008 headliner* Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. was quite a lot to take in one go.
Elsewhere Nottingham's Dog is Dead is one of the best times I've had at a gig, every time I've seen them. They played the Village tent back in 2010 and they're a brilliant addition to a fantastic bill. Funnily enough Boat to Row have just been on tour with DiD and were also distinctly pleasurable to witness.
I've also had the pleasure of witnessing Oxford's finest Very Nice Harry and London's Tellison live and both are magnificent so, with the strength on display here the schedule has potential to throw up a few loyalty testers. Speaking of which Truck's local loyalties see them inviting Fine Union and Yellow Fever in on the act.
In other news: The Barn Stage is back!!! Phew.
As far as first announcements go this is hard to beat.
Dog is Dead
Mystery Jets
Very Nice Harry

*I swear this was 2008 though the website says 2009, it was the year with Laura Marling across the bridge on sunday then get cape on the main stage. Maybe i'm wrong but that's what my memory says.

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