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New Artist: Harbour

New Artist: Harbour

by outroversion
Bourne out of the ashes of The Echoes, Harbour are very much the same band but with completely different songs and a tangeably different sound. Does that make them an entirely different band though?
Back in the summer when the four piece opened 2000 Trees they were noted for their less gravel ravaged Gaslight Anthem-esque vibrations and Rocket Summer style presentation, hearing them now that seems like a bizarre memory we can't help but convince ourselves isn't true.
From the two tracks available online "To The Water" and "Guide Me In" we are presented with a more familiar sound, akin to Cheltenham golden boys and guitarist Chris Capewell's other outfit Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun. Lyrically the new songs are more prophetic and profound, rooted in the foundations of great songwriters creating 4 minute moments; footsteps that while difficult to follow in are irresistable. As we find here.
When I first heard Harbour wouldn't be playing or recording any Echoes songs I thought they could probably be persuaded with a little enticement from a packed house but they've found a new dynamic that they're completely at home with and it may no longer be appropriate. Rather than "changing" their sound, Harbour is the sound of development, a maturing band whose journey is going to be fascinating to follow.
Their live shows are still being described using superlatives like amazing, insane and perfect so nothing changes there. The only real differences from here on in will be in the size of the venues and audiences that will have the privilage of witnessing the ensuing steps of their odyssey. They weren't gone for long but we're so glad they're back.
"Run fast, run hard and run straight back to the water."
They're great to their fans too, head over to their Facebook or Twitter for updates and chats with the band, their Youtube for behind the scenes videos and hit the up for a limited edition 'zine. As I said, they're limited edition so you might have to ask nicely (;
If you missed the first track you can hear an early version of it here on soundcloud-
Guide me in


Euro-Trash Girl

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STOP YOUR SOBBING (Ray Davies) & WHEN TOMORROW COMES (A. Lennox – D. Stewart – P. Seymour)

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