jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

PICNIC "We've Only Just Begun"


We are delighted to announce another special release this spring, by
“Picnic.” The band recorded a limited edition 7” single featuring their
take on two of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written - “We’ve
Only Just Begun” by Roger Nichols and Paul Williams and “Say a Little
Prayer” by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.
Picnic formed in 2006 by Marju Taukar, Andres Soosaar and Rivo Järvsoo.
Marju and Andres were previously in 90s indie band Dreamphish and Rivo is
a current member of Seksound labelmates Bad Apples and Imandra Lake.
Picnic released their debut album *Winter Honey* in 2010 and have been
steadily working on their follow-up to be released later this year. They
are clearly influenced by classic shoegaze and dreampop and while there is
something vastly familar about their sound, it never feels overly
nostalgic in any way. They add their own soaring signatures with
unconventional instrumention and modern uses of electronics, all while
standing firmly grounded to pure pop structure and melody. “We’ve Only
Just Begun” is limited to 100 copies in Europe and is a co-release with
Shelflife in the USA.

side A: 01. We’ve only just begun
side B: 02. Say a little prayer