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JIRM Band of The Year 2011 Contest

Our band of the year 2011 was sellected by 
17 jury members  + 1 vote from the public





Best Jimdo Indie Rock Music Band 2011: NEUMAN
Best International Band: RADICAL DADS
Best Spanish Band: NEUMAN
Best Band by Public Votes: KENEDY


  1. Neuman: 5 (+267p)
  2. Radical Dads: 3 (+10p)
  3. Kenedy: 2 + 1 public (295p)
  4. Ambros Chapel: 2  (+6p)
  5. Land Lovers: 1 (+33p)
  6. Pennan Brae: 1  (+9p)
  7. Hang Glider: 1  (+7p)
  8. Louisiana: 1  (+3p)
  9. Bunk Jumpski: 1  (+3p)
  10. A Lazarous Soul:  (+16p)
  11. The Mare: (+10p)
  12. Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt: (+3p)
  13. King sparrow: (+3p)
*(#) = Jury votes; (p) = Public votes

Jury Members

Jury members were sellected based on different specialities. Jimdo Indie Rock Music want to express our gratitude to every one, for their participation, their fast answer, their commitment and interest expressed on the participating bands. 
We want to thank our bands as well, for participating. We want to remind them that this was a friendly contest, our goal was to exposse their work. We hope that they liked our promotion project, and remember that this doesn't finish here :)
Mar (JIRM staff, Spain). I didn’t vote. How to choose 1 of my bands? No way! :)
  1. Dao (JIRM staff, Spain)
  2. Clara Debalia (JIRM former staff, France)
  3. Upsidedown81 (JIRM former staff, Spain)
  4. Dakradha (JIRM former staff, Austria)  
  5. Sammy (Indie Rock Playlist, Czech Republic)
  6. Noisedefm (New JIRM staff, France)
  7. Von Auken (New JIRM staff, Brazil)
  8. Boys and Frogs (Band, USA)
  9. Shayne Wray (Musician, USA)
  10. Nick Triani (Soliti Music, Finland)
  11. Ben Watson (US vs THEM, USA)
  12. Bob Lung (Broad Horizon Records, USA)
  13. Scott Solary (Film maker & Musician, USA)
  14. Javier Román (JIRM collaboration, Spain)
  15. Indienation (Music blog, Venezuela)
  16. Diego Sanchez Ruiz (JIRM Facebook follower, Spain)
  17. Daydream Nation (JIRM Tumblr follower, USA)

Public Votes

Public votes were counted using a QuizSnack poll. Captured image of the poll votes on 
January 9th 2012 at 24:00h Paris time:
Original poll can be checked here. Captured image shows the votes at the due hour/date of the contest.

2011 Participating Bands

Pennan Brae

City: Vancouver, Canada.
Music: American Folk Rock
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Band of the year 2011

City: Murcia, Spain.
Music: Indie Folk Rock
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Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt

City: Bloomington, Indiana. USA
Music: Indie Folk Pop
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Ambros Chapel

City: Valencia, Spain
Music: Indie Rock, Post-Punk
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Land Lovers

City: Dublin, Ireland
Music: Indie Pop
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City: Sevilla, Spain
Music: Indie Rock
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King Sparrow

City: Chicago, USA
Music: Indie Rock
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City: Zaragoza, Spain
Music: Indie Pop
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Bunk Jumpski

City: Minneapolis, USA
Music: Experimental punk/jazz
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A Lazarous Soul

City: Dublin, Ireland
Music: Indie rock
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Radical Dads

City: Brooklyn, USA
Music: Indie Rock
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Hang Glider

City: Los Angeles, USA
Music: Electronic Indie Rock
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The Mare

City: Stockholm, Sweden
Music: Indie Pop
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