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hfn music press news 11.2014

hfn38 250 Faded Ranger - Mechanical Tonight.
hfn music. Out now.
Faded Ranger made their hypnotizing debut earlier this year with a sparkling trio of singles - Be On The Lookout, Get Together (Right Now) and Blindfolds. Now the duo is ready to unveil their debut LP, Mechanical Tonight, in its full glory. Bringing together Nick Maurer‘s gift for bite-size storytelling and Neville Attree‘s intricate, melodic arrangements, the album is an infectious collection of tracks that resonate with a distinctive crossover appeal, while the dynamic beats ensure it still gravitates towards the dance floor.Ex-Greenskeepe rs frontman Maurer (Chicago) and Gumption Recordings founder Attree (London) first met while DJing at a notorious outdoor party called Girl’s Camp in their adopted home of Heidelberg. Faded Ranger stumbled into existence soon after and has come to represent a meeting of minds borne out of circumstance and driven by musical legacy. Mechanical Tonight may be retro in its outlook as the pair work the presence of past influences out of their systems, but the melting pot of ideas and references converge at a point of undeniable modern appeal.
hfndisk17 250 Kasper Bjørke - Apart (Feat. Sisy Ey) Remixes.
hafendisko. Out December 1st.

On the 4th single from his highly acclaimed 4th LP "After Forever", Kasper Bjørke puts his disco noir anthem "Apart" into the safe hands of two luminary remixing talents. The original version of "Apart" (which is to be found on the digital single release and the album) was selected as "Tune of The Month" in MixMag in the September issue, stating: “Its nothing short of genius… Kasper absolutely nailed it”. On the digital and limited edition 12” vinyl there are two epic remixes by Kompakt Records’ head honcho Michael Mayer and renowned UK producer Ewan Pearson. Michael Mayer gives the tune's melancholy synth pop a n epic feel, remaking it for the deepest and darkest of big room dancefloors, adding a discombobulating synth drone and ramping up the intensity levels whilst Ewan Pearson's remix adds a High NRG vibe to expose the yearning vocal before adding layers of arpeggios and synthesizers to an utterly irresistible, motorik pulse with some epic breakdowns.

hfn37 marbled blood vid 250
Kasper Bjørke - Marbled Blood

After receiving heaps of positive response to his track 'Marbled Blood', a vocal collaboraton with Soho Rezanejad that is featured on his recent album 'After Forever', Kasper Bjørke decided to complement this beloved with a tripnotic visual journey that has recently been described by The Ransom Note's editors as a "visual mind melter"....
Watch the visually tripping "Marbled Blood" video here.

hfn40 video newsletter Darkness Falls - The Answer.
Video by Katja Boom.
Described as "...a dark, swirling vortex of tension and synth-based suspense"  we see a new, stunning video that accompanies Darkness Falls' brand new single "The Answer" which is the first prequel for the bands sophomore album that is roughly scheduled for early 2015. Directed by Katja Boom the high definition cut beams us behind the scenes of the speedracing world whilst the Danish purveyors of PostWave swirl along a dramtic, longing tune that unravels a yet unheard but still familiar vibe  within Darkness Falls' music.
Watch the original "The Answer" video here.

hfndisk16 video 250 Faded Ranger - Get Together (Right Now)
Video by The Flashbacker.
Right in time for their debut album "Mechanical Tonight" we see the advent of Faded Ranger's video for "Get Together" which is like a collection of postcards. Some from the beach, some from the forest, and some sent by a whale on hallucinogens - In fact, the whole thing has the aesthetic of half nature show, half minimalist pop-art acid trip directed by The Flashbacker. The tune itself is a grooving house number with galactic sounding synths and Nick Maurer's loopy baritone lulling you into romantic availability, perfectly suitable for late fall rooftop jams.
Watch the original "Get Together (Right Now)" video here.


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