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New Releases in 2015 by Bluesoapmusic

Los Trasgos Muertos
Eponymous EP
2 February 2015
From Manchester, Los Trasgos Muertos are Captain Reed (Bass/Vox/Organ), Von Beek (Guitar/Vox) and Il Fleishe(Drums).

Prior to forming the band, all three members spent time honing their musicianship and songwriting skills with other bands on the vibrant Manchester music scene.  As a result they have known each other for years, sharing similar passions and frustrations, influences and experiences.  Writing came easily and before the trio knew it, they had an album's worth of material ready to record at Eve Studios in Bredbury, one of Manchester's best kept secrets.
Los Trasgos Muertos are influenced by a range of musicians from Billy Childish and Deep Purple to Ty Segall, The Beatles and Prince.  This eclecticism inspired them to find their own sense of individuality; they strive to produce records with a strong melody and hook, substance over style, but it's important to them that each track captures their sense of fun too.

Gareth (Bass/Vox/Organ) describes their sound as " Loud music for bodies in small hot sweaty rooms, this is physical music."

The Band in Their Own Words...

Slumbering over decades, awoken by the call of screaming hordes, ‘Los Trasgos Muertos’ were born in blood. The blood running through 5th chords, trashy cymbal crashes and broken amps.
Captain Reed, the endless traveller, has known many names. His rage built over millennia broken and fragmented, unknowingly cradled and forged into a mirror focused on the world. Von Beek has been with us all, the knotted charm we prayed to when all else was hopeless, a blank vision when our eyes were blackened by doubt. Il Fleishe is the collector, master of possession. Within his realm, time was twisted and shaped into endless caverns where souls were left to rot over millennia.
And so the three of us found ourselves in the storm, and lo! ‘Los Trasgos Muertos’ became flesh. Taking Garage/Psyche Rock and twisting it to our own devices with our fleshless skeletal fingers, we traverse the wilderness, a trinity, savaging audiences and all in our path.  Join us!
Conquest of Noise
5 January 2015
Initially beginning as a bedroom project, New York's Klozapin was formed in January 2014 by Mitchell Todorov (Guitar/Vocals), Paul Simone (Bass/Vocals), Nick Connor (Drums) and Niden Kolev (Guitar), quickly gaining a firm following in the Otsego County area.

The band create vibrant soundscapes, with elements of pop, indie, psych, noise rock, shoegaze and trip-hop.  Lead vocalist Mitch says the biggest influence on the sound of this record was the idea of "making a record that sounds like swimming through a sea of bubblegum.  First you can kind of glide through the sweet water but eventually you just end up stuck in it."

Priding themselves on their inability to become easily categorised by genre, they feel the secret to their growing success is down to four good friends "making cool sounds and having fun doing it".  

Klozapin release their debut, self-titled album this December on Australian label Conquest of Noise and are already writing for a follow up combining influences as diverse as indie, psych and hip-hop.

"Both these songs (Hivemind and %) are so mf'ing good I can’t stand it. Don’t know how I only just found this band."
Don't Need No Melody

"Their vibe is definitely out there and certainly not for anyone who can’t handle their brain cells being swirled around for a few minutes, but we’re all about overdosing on Klozapin’s tasty noise rock shake."
Rex Manning Day
The Persian Leaps
Drive Drive Delay
Land Ski Records
12 January 2015
'The Persian Leaps' began as a phrase singer/guitarist Drew Forsberg doodled in a notebook margin during a college Greek Archaeology course. He wrote music independently under that name for years, until finally assembling a full band in 2012 to perform and record driving, chiming music influenced by My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths, Guided by Voices and Teenage Fanclub.

In 2013 The Persian Leaps released debut EP 'Praise Elephants' which the NME described as a "celestial guitar jangle". The band recently completed a follow-up EP 'Drive Drive Delay'. The EP features five short, infectious songs dripping with divine guitar noise underpinning gorgeous vocal harmonies. Released on Land Ski Records, it sees its official UK release in January 2015.

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