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A New Video From Teenage Wildlife For New Single 'Come On and Shoot'

Teenage Wildlife
Come On and Shoot / Lost At Sea
5 January 2015
Teenage Wildlife compliments A side single 'Come On and Shoot' with the launch of AA side 'Lost at Sea'.

'Come On and Shoot', an intricately layered track boasting smouldering vocals and an infusion of electronica, is the latest offering from London based musician John Wright.  AA Side 'Lost at Sea' is a more structured song boasting stunning vocals and etheral harmonies.

Based in Shoreditch, multi-instrumentalist John Wrihgt has been making music for his own enjoyment "forever", but through his successful career as a respected filmmaker and photographer, regularly working with Sony Music and some of the world's most iconic musicians, John Wright received the encouragement he needed to release his music as 'Teenage Wildlife'.

Priding himself on an entirely self-sufficient approach to his music, John writes, plays and records drums, bass, guitar and keys in his attic studio, creating stunning sonic backdrops, seamlessly blending hip hop and dance with melodic dub to produce unique genre-crossing soundscapes. His compositions have appeared on fashion films for Fendi and Dior and he recently directed 'Savile Row is Rock N Roll' a short film for GQ's featuring some of Britain's most iconic musicians, collaborating on its soundtrack with Paul Weller, Johnny Marr and Duran Duran's John Taylor.

A pair of singles released earlier this year, 'Last Great Love Affair' and 'Most Beautiful Thing', received worldwide airplay and had the likes of Netsky and One Direction's Harry Styles taking to social media to praise them.  Despite this success, John's background remains his primary motivating force. “I had a pretty rough upbringing” he explains. “I think the term is ‘underprivileged’.  I designed Teenage Wildlife as a vehicle to express myself musically and I use the funds I raise to support charities that help underprivileged young people.”

The impressively crafted and perfectly produced 'Come On and Shoot' and 'Lost At Sea' will certainly take Teenage Wildlife to an even wider audience, creating huge anticipation for debut album 'The Degenerate Art Exhibition' slated for release in spring 2015.

Of the latest track 'Lost At Sea', John Wright says "I really wanted to just write and release 'A SONG'! Just a song! Without getting too lost in production and arrangement and clever glitches. I just wanted to take my acoustic, my bass guitar and a drum loop, a little keys and just put a simple song together. I added the vocoder and the samples just to keep it feeling like a Teenage Wildlife track.

I reworked this track so many times. Just trying to make it more and more simple. I'm not sure how fans of tracks like Come On And Shoot and Most Beautiful Thing will take to it but we'll see.

All the instruments on this track are recorded traditionally through mics (except the drum loop obviously!). Even the keyboards are through a Fender Princeton into a condenser mic. I haven't done a mic'd recording like this for so long. It's important to remember these old school techniques. It's too easy to work 'in the box' just using factory sounds. There's a real sonic quality in mic'd amps in a room"

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Spotify: Teenage Wildlife – Come on and Shoot / Lost at Sea 2015

"A talented creator with much to add to the world of music."
Emerging Indie Bands

"An obviously talented artist, it’ll be interesting to hear where John Wright takes the Teenage Wildlife project next."
Rhythm and Booze

"John Wright is one of the few new artists who is capable of making genuine works of art."
Fresh Beats
Peacock Affect
The Heaven Smiles / Wallflower
12 January 2015
The music of George Holman is released under an apt moniker – his songs are strikingly beautiful yet emotionally touching; the affectation of a peacock underpinned by George's sincerity.  

George has been writing music from his home in Exeter since he was sixteen. Influenced by Elliott Smith and The Smiths, George's music stems from melodies that he picks on the guitar and lyrics that flow directly from his feelings.
He explains "I don’t really know where my inspiration comes from because it comes through at random times. I write melodies down all the time, sometimes I'll never play that song again, but here and there an idea will become a song. I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature; the trees, the wind, the sea..."

As someone who has experienced emotional struggles and mental health issues, George uses music as a means of coping with them. "I think my best songs comes from a really deep and horrible place.  I really don’t think I would write anything if I hadn't suffered from any mental illness.  Creating is cathartic."

BBC Radio 6 Music and some of the UK's most respected music sites are praising Peacock Affect, though for George this will never be more important than his creative output. "For me, music isn't about providing a means to become rich and famous, I just feel really good to know that people want to listen to what I create because my lyrics are deeply personal. I feel comfortable in my own skin and whether I’m in a good mood or a bad mood, I have my music."

Both tracks on the double A side single 'The Heaven Smiles' and 'Wallflower' see George's beautiful vocals floated over intricate acoustic guitars, producing a sound that is utterly mesmerising.

Live Dates:
Exeter, The Phoenix, 16th Jan
Neath, The Duke, 17th Jan
Swansea, The Scene, 18th Jan
London, Montague Arms, 19th Jan
Coventry, The Roadhouse, 20th Jan
Nottingham, The Doghouse, 21st Jan
Sheffield, J.D’s, 22nd Jan
Mansfield, The Intake, 23rd Jan
Chester, The Compass, 26th Jan
Manchester, Thirsty Scholar, 27th Jan

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Filter Distortion
12 January 2015
"Their modern twist on classic electronic sounds are a welcome revival."
Louise Dodgson, The Unsigned Guide Spotlight - December 2014

Filter Distortion, a four piece electro band from Liverpool, have finally emerged from a self-imposed year of confinement in a windowless room.  The band set about producing their finest work yet, and have certainly achieved their aim with debut album 'Transition'.  Recorded using just 3 microphones, the band wrote and produced all the album's tracks before mastering with engineer and producer Daniel Woodward at Liverpool's Whitewood Recording Studio.

According to Liverpool's Bido Lito Magazine, "Transition swims in front of you like a neon-lit nighttime drive through the streets of Vice City with Depeche Mode blaring out of the stereo".

'Transition' certainly has a distinct eighties electro feel but the band have given that sound a modern twist, with driving guitars and live drums, to create something incredibly powerful.

The band are attracting an ever-increasing following, thanks in part to having their music featured on UK televstion (Channel 4 and LFC TV as well as BBC 6 Music and international radio. Two tracks from the album 'Cameras in the Dark' and 'Neon Nights' have both been selected as BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson's Fresh on the Net Fresh Faves.

The album is available as a digital download and limited edition vinyl from selected outlets including Dig Vinyl, Probe Records, Piccadilly Records and mail order via the band's website.

“The album does not contain any fillers. Each song could be a single!”
Chris Currie, Wirral Radio

“Neon Nights showcases a great vocal range that’s almost Dave Gahan in places.”
Shell Zenner, Amazing Radio

“If you think you need to go to 80’s bands milking their reunions for all they are worth to hear quality electronic sound, I have news for you. Filter Distortion would blow half of them off stage.”
Roxy Gillespie, Liverpool Noise

Recommended Tracks:
Previous single: 'Cameras in the Dark' (feat. Cheryl Anna) 
Upcoming single: 'Neon Night'. 

SoundCloud album link: https://soundcloud.com/filterdistortion/sets/transitionfull/s-e9mmg
Headline show at Xmas Evol, The Magnet, Liverpool with support from Jenn (Soft Toy Emergency)
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Cable Street Collective
The Best of Times
16 February 2015
Lead Track - 'Can't Take Me Under'

Formed in 2012 at the same London open mic night that produced Denai Moore, Cable Street Collective combine catchy tunes with dance-inspired beats to create music that mixes African influences (two of the group grew up in Swaziland and Malawi) with UK funky house and a whole host of other sounds from in and around their home bases in East London and Brixton.

Tom Robinson of BBC 6Music and BBC Introducing says their music “grooves like a bastard.”  XFM’s new music guru John Kennedy says: “Their music is guaranteed to bring the sunshine, whatever the weather.”

The band have enjoyed airtime on XFM and played at a series of high profile festivals including Bestival, the Isle of Wight Festival, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair and the Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi.

Their debut EP 'The Best of Times' is available on iTunes, Spotify and as a physical release. 'Can't Take Me Under' is the lead track and will be released as a single on February 16th 2015.

Facebook // cablestreetcollective
Soundcloud // cablestreetcollective
Twitter // @cscollective
Instagram // @cablestreetcollective

Cable Street Collective are: Dave, Rowan, Tristan, Ash, Fiona and Alex.

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