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Kosoti Release New Single 'Gone Too Far'

Gone Too Far
27 April 2015
“Kosoti play the kind of folk/pop which is underpinned by the kind of song-writing nous that is really going to get people sitting up and taking notice.”

“If you like your music creative and atmospheric with strong vocal harmonies this is the band for you.”

After a near death experience in 2013, lead singer and songwriter Allan Hyslop realised he needed to treasure every moment of his life by doing what he loved most, writing and performing music.

Allan explains "Kosoti is the result of a few musicians and friends getting together to write songs and enjoy each other’s company. It started about eighteen months ago when a change in personnel gave us the impetus to try something different from what we'd previously been doing. The sound emerged and we knew there was something special being born..."

The new single 'Gone Too Far' was produced by Adrian Hall and follows the success of 2014's 'Bark and Sticks' which saw widespread airplay for the band.  'Gone Too Far' is a laid back track with sensitive yet powerful overtones and a rousing chorus mourning a relationship that has gone awry.

Having already performed sessions for BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and Metro Radio in their short career, 'Gone Too Far' is set to take the band to an even larger fanbase who are drawn to Kosoti's beautiful vocal harmonies which are very much their trademark.

Social Links:
  Mar 27 Cluny 2
w/ Dan Whitehouse
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  Jul 12 Mouth of the Tyne Festival
w/ Martha and the...
Tynemouth, United Kingdom
 All tracks written by:
Allan Hyslop, George Patrick Hutton, Seth Tinsley, Christos William Worsley, Rebecca Gregson, Paul William Holdsworth

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