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Post-Punk From New Jersey's New Politicians

New Politicians
21 April 2015
New Politicians started in late 2012 with Gian Cortese on guitar, keyboards and vocals and his brother Renal Anthony on vocals and guitar. The band, now a four piece with Erik Watson on drums and Winston Mitlo on bass, play Post-Punk, Alternative Rock and are based in Centerville, New Jersey.

November 2013 saw the band releasing their self-produced, sophomore EP entitled Drag a City. This four track release, available to stream & download on their BandCamp webpage, earned the band critical acclaim and an army of fans.  Their highly anticipated new EP 'Remission' is released on April 21st.

“Why this unsigned band hasn’t been immediately snapped up by a record label is beyond comprehension. New Politicians has my vote!”
Jen Stratosphere, RebelNoise

"The music itself, elegant and pronounced, is at times nuanced and other times obvious. The record is just as concerned about the arrangement and performances as it is about creating mood. There’s a slightly cinematic feel to the record, couched between a nostalgic 80’s feeling and a also a peculiar “newness.” It’s as though we’ve been led back to a grand old city – one the entire world knows from a bygone golden age. We’ve seen the pictures and we have practically visited every street in the cinema of our minds. But New Politicians takes us back to see all of those things we missed."

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