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Four New Releases For Your Consideration!

Calling Apollo
Signal & The Noise Records
25 May 2015
Calling Apollo are Christian Neale, Kevin Williams, Dan Hughes, Luke Walters and Daniel Rees. The Cardiff based five piece produce riffy/ambient/rock, channeling a broad range of influences from Deftones, The Cure, Funeral for a friend, Circa Survive, Thrice and The Doors to Kings Of Leon, Comeback Kid, Nine Inch Nails and Muse.

Timing was everything in terms of the band members coming together, with each looking for the right project at the same time having behind other bands.   After spending the early months as a four piece whilst they developed their sound, the boys made the decision to add a front man to the mix. This came in the form Christian Neale. With his unique voice and charismatic stage presence, Calling Apollo set sail on their musical voyage, taking inspiration wherever it arises, be it historical events, current affairs or science fiction adventures.

Calling Apollo played their first show in 2013 in Newport to rave reviews and followed that up by releasing their first EP later that year. Titled 'Vessels', the boys decided to knuckle down and record it themselves in a tiny box bedroom in Barry, South Wales. 'Vessels' was released as a free download and received great coverage considering the minimal budget and their lack of experience.

Summer 2014 saw the release of Calling Apollo's first studio single 'Clone City' and b-side ‘1945’. The single was chosen as Song of the Year by PP&P promotions and the band were listed by Cultured Vultures online magazine in their 'Music You Need in 2015' article.

The band's debut studio EP 'HUNTER | GATHERER' was produced by Romesh Dodangoda of Longwave studios (Kids In Glass Houses/Funeral for a friend).  The record will be released by Signal and the Noise records on May 25th 2015.

“The band churn out a futuristic progressive rock sound that takes in elements of alt-rock, post-hardcore, scream, and an ambient sense of melody that isn’t afraid to get aggressive and abrasive when it needs to hammer it home.”
Cultured Vultures

“A brilliant combination of progressive and technical musicianship, ambient and spacious soundscapes, alongside classic emo/screamo songwriting”
What Culture

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Classified EP
Gospel Oak Records
Lead Tracks: 'Minimum Wages' and 'Cruel Love'
Please note that the radio edits are clean but the original tracks contain expletives

Available now on iTunes:

'Classified' is the new EP from Shooze, a three-piece ska-punk band from Redditch, West Midlands, UK.
Members Jon Kings (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Kings (vocals/bass),
and Ricky-Lee Cooper (drums) describe their music a hybrid of seventies' ska, punk & reggae, saying "We're bringing the best raw 70's street vibes back to life with a modern groove. Its all about a raw live sound, back to basics – real band music like it should be heard & experienced live”.

The band’s musical influences include The Police, The Clash, The Specials
and UB40. The reggae vibe has always been big in their home area of the
Midlands, UK and provides a major influence on their sound and style.

Shooze have recently supported eighties' icon, Adam Ant, on his 'Dirk Wears
White Sox' tour, having previously supported him twice already after being
hand-picked by Adam Ant himself. Shooze, formerly New Killer Shoes, have
also toured with the likes of Brad, Adam Ant, Kids In Glass Houses and My Passion. The band featured on the Kerrang! Breakthru’ Tour 2011 and have
played festivals such as Birmingham ArtsFest, Strawberry Fields, and

Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam and Brad (a good friend of Jon’s after they
toured Europe together in 2012) has tipped Shooze for big things, describing
their sound as having a “pumping groove” and a “great direction”.
Live reviews are nothing but glowing with the band putting hugely exciting shows wherever they play.

"You know you’re onto a winner when you don’t want the support act to
finish. Four hugely likeable lads with plenty to say and talent to make it
relevant. Bravo."
Bristol 365

"There’s a common misconception that punk music is a bit of a mess
and it’s not technically sound but actually that’s not true...Shooze
proved that they were musically capable throughout the evening, which
puts that myth to bed."
Amy Rutter, blogger

“Shooze instantly impressed the crowd with their ‘this-probablyshouldn’t-
work-at-all,-but…’ combination of eighties sounding reggae
rhythms and filthy rock’n'roll. Integrating a couple of covers amidst their
set, the Redditch group have finely honed the art of pleasing their target
audience...Shooze revelled in their time under the stage lights, whilst the
crowd revelled in the music they performed.”
Counteract Magazine

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Upcoming Gigs:
May 9th - Birmingham O2 Academy - Supporting Modern Minds
Ella Squirrell
Loop EP
Gospel Oak Records
18 May 2015
Lead Tracks: 'Quiet Fire' and 'Trouble'

Loop EP on iTunes:

Ella Squirrell grew up surrounded by creativity in the beautiful town of Bridport in Dorset. She has always felt at one with the natural world, returning to nature as a comfort in her song-writing. She has recently spent six months living and working in London, after discovering it to be a great base for music, and has returned to Dorset with a wealth of experience.

Ella picked up her first instrument aged 10. She copied folk songs on an Irish penny whistle, before moving on to the guitar when she was 11. Her dad is a professional musician, playing mandolin in a trio folk band, and he fully encouraged Ella’s musical growth. He taught Ella the basics before she started teaching herself by taking inspiration from other songs.

Ella recalls writing her first successful song aged 15. She started with just 3 lines and the stepped away from it for a while. When she came back to it, the words began to flow, with a little help from her poet mom. She taught Ella to be brave with words, combining senses and placing the listener in the atmosphere and experience of the writer. This gave Ella the confidence to write her own songs.

As a young teenager, Ella drew on just ideas at first, playing with scenarios rather than real life, as she was yet to experience a lot of the things she wrote about. ‘Trust Is A White Dove’, a track on upcoming EP, 'Loop', was one of these. It is a scenario Ella wanted to sing about, rather than a real-life anecdote. Between the ages of 17 and 19, Ella started to experience more and so her songs became more personal.

Song-writing is a cathartic process for Ella. She sees it as the best outlet for strong emotions, whether she is feeling down or feeling really happy. Allowing herself to be honest in her song-writing is the key to her creativity.

Ella has followed in her dad’s folk footsteps, but with a modern pop twist. She is always learning from other musicians, and believes collective song-writing and collaboration is key for musical growth. She meets musicians at open mic nights and is constantly inspired by their work and attitude.

It is no surprise Ella loves collaboration as she grew up partaking in spontaneous jam sessions with family and friends in the creative bubble of Bridport. She gained most of her skills in this way, having never studied music. She doesn’t read or write music; her melodies exist in her head, inspired by what she hears around her, and she teases them out into reality.

This background in creativity is her biggest influence. When Ella is at home, she realises just how musical her family life is. Her dad plays a range of instruments and his playing can always be heard throughout the house. She is revisiting music every time she is in Bridport, discovering new things and catching up with other creative friends. Fellow Dorset singer-songwriter, Jack Harrison, reminded Ella to do it for the love of music and nothing else, and this is something that has stuck with Ella as she continues in her growth as a musician.

Ella hopes to add the piano to her instrumental repertoire, which already includes the guitar and the drums. For now, she continues to write songs by playing her guitar, humming the melody, and singing along.

The biggest moment in Ella's career so far has been performing on the acoustic stage before Ben Howard's show at Birmingham's Barclaycard Arena in April 2015. Ella counts Ben Howard as one of her biggest influences, amongst the likes of Joni Mitchell, Rae Morris, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Warpaint, and aspires to reach their heights of success.

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Upcoming Gigs: 
1st May 2015
Beach and Barnicott, Bridport
May Day Songwriters Session
27th May2015
The Jam House, Birmingham
The Launch Pad - a regular showcase of some of artists that the Jam House considers "ones to watch". 
4th July 2015
Big Mix Music Festival, Lyme Regis
The Big Mix is Lyme’s own youth music festival by the sea,
Old House Playground
The Great Escape EP
Horus Music
22 June 2015
Lead Tracks: Polite Fiction, All Day Today

Old House Playground is a three piece contemporary blues/alt-rock band with roots in the songwriting culture of traditional Greek folk music.

In 2009, Tryfon Lazos (vocals, guitars) and Andreas Venetantes (drums, percussion) together with bass player Conor Loughran moved from Athens to Manchester to experiment with new musical paths and forms of expression.

Inspired by the likes of Tom Waits, Django Reinhardt, Nick Cave and Greek artists Psarantonis, and Marcos Vamvakaris together with analog sounds and street musicianship, Old House Playground started hanging out with producer/musician Chris Evans, with whom they would record their first album God Damn That Gold. A couple of months before the recordings took place, Conor left the band, with Tryfon and Andreas continuing as a duo. The album was released in June 2012 by the independent label Evening Economies/Fat Bob Records and accompanied by an extended UK tour. From working men’s clubs and mainstream pubs to the Dalston hipster playground, the response was overwhelming.
Off the back of the vibe, Sugar House production approached the band in 2013, offering to produce an EP, and develop the band. While recording with Sugar House, Factory Records' first signing Vini Reilly became a fan and a good friend of the band, seeking to co-write with Tryfon and Andreas. This collaboration brought Old House Playground and Vini Reilly’s Durutti Column together at the Chorlton Arts Festival in May 2014, curated by Dave Haslam where the band were hugely appreciated by their Manchester audience. Later that night Tryfon sang onstage with Vini for the Durutti Column’s first Manchester performance for five years.

Sring 2015 finds the band busy with new projects, plans and musical perspectives. Jago Furnas moved from London to Manchester to join the band in September and his musicality has proved inspiring. Sugar House’s production has also been key in moving forward. The new EP, to be released 22nd June, is the result of this ongoing commitment, and strips down the band’s sound. Melodies are more exposed, there is a fluency to the band’s work, old boundaries have been broken, and new forms created. Parallel to these sessions, Old House Playground have been working with Oscar winning music producer Clive Martin (David Byrne, “The Last Emperor”) composing the musical score for Barney Spender’s documentary “The Road to Sparta”. The film depicts competitors running the 246 km race from Athens to Sparta, and Old House Playground’s urgent Cretan rhythms and driving rebetiko provide an evocative soundtrack.The film is scheduled to be premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2016.
"Nick Drake channels Elvis singing to a Tarentino film score powerful and addictive!"
Nick Tann, Is This Thing On - Independent Music Podcast

"Old House Playground have managed to capture the real essence of blues and given it their own spin, resulting in an uncomplicated piece of music that’s surely far too fattening for your soul. Nevertheless, I heartily recommend this indulgence."
Ciaran Stewart, We Close Tonight

“They've got the deep, gravelly lo-fi blues with a bit of old-time swing and rockabilly on the side - imagine a pared down Bedlam Six fronted by a young hybrid of Jack White and Nick Cave. His lyrics are dark, twisted stories with a certain literary flair”
Cath Aubergine, Manchester Music

"Tryfon Lazos is an extremely talented singer who writes far better songs in his second language than most people could ever hope to write in their native tongue.
He and percussionist Andreas Venetantes, have traveled through Europe like Medieval troubadours, and as if in punishment for their sins, have ended up here... "In this land, the sun never shows""
Ursula Ackah, Mancky Magazine

"Lazos has an impressive voice and his guitar work is fine, clean and very much of the idiom. The music is inherently sexy with a steamy southern states sound."
Bob Osborne, Bob's Aural Delights, Salford CityRadio
Upcoming Gigs:
6 June - Tiger Lounge, Manchester
18 June - Gullivers, Manchester (this is the launch party for the EP)
19 June - Ship and Anchor, Southport
23 June - Bristol
24 June - Paper Dress - London

Social Links:

Polite Fiction: Music: Tryfon Lazos, Andreas Venetantes - Lyrics: Tryfon Lazos
Stardance: Music: Tryfon Lazos, Andreas Venetantes - Lyrics: Tryfon Lazos
All Day Today: Music: Tryfon Lazos, Andreas Venetantes, Conor Loughran - Lyrics: Conor Loughran (Conor is a friend artist, and the original bass player of the band. He left the band 4 years ago but we still work together sometimes)
The Great Escape: Music: Tryfon Lazos, Andreas Venetantes - Lyrics: Tryfon Lazos
Track Listing:
Polite Fiction
All Day Today
The Great Escape

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