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A New Single from Helena Johnson: 'Take Me Home Tonight'

Helena Johnson
Take Me Home Tonight
23 March 2015
Soulful and slick, Helena Johnson has created and mastered a unique and powerful sound that's showcased perfectly in her new single 'Take Me Home Tonight' .

Originally from North Yorkshire and now based in Liverpool, Helena has impressed audiences and critics alike with her stunning live shows backed by a 10-piece band, complete with the comedically-named horn section 'The Horn Supremacy'. Her ability to captivate her audience from the first note, mesmerising even the most unruly of crowds, was evident when she recently performed at mammoth events such as Fiesta Bombarda and The Neighbourhood BBQ at Liverpool’s acclaimed venue, Camp and Furnace.

Since joining The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2011 to study, Helena has grown from talented musician to a potential international singing success, with recent interest from a major label. 2015 promises to be a year to remember for the rising star and she is definitely one to watch.

February 21st – St George’s Hall, Liverpool
March 1st – Studio2, Liverpool
March 20th - Camp and Furnace, Liverpool
March 22nd – Single release party, venue tbc, Liverpool
March 27th/29th – Threshold Festival, details tbc
April 16th – The 2Ube Extra Festival, LIPA PMA, Liverpool
July 28th – Kazimier, Liverpool


"Powerful vocal weaved over subtly crafted instrumental sections creating that unique sound the band has coined, and mastered."
LSRadio, 2014

“I can confidently say they displayed something quite extraordinary – an opening band that can deliver enough to satisfy the audience for the whole night.”
George Aird, Liverpool Student Media 2014

Chris Currie, 7 Waves Radio, 2014

“Impressive sound... Helena is undoubtedly the star attraction, her politeness in between songs in stark contrast to her powerful soulful voice.”
Getintothis, 2015

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