jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

Listen to Sillyboy's new track "Stalker" - Klik Records/Rough Trade Distribution

Sillyboy is a solo project of a young crooner who lives in an old detached house in a working-class suburb of Athens next to the national railway. This urban landscape feeds the aesthetic of his music.
Strongly nostalgic, he definitely loves David Bowie and all the emblematic glam rock performers of the 70’s, but goes further than that with influences from the soft rock era to post punk music of early
Temperamental lyrics, bass-driven grooves, retro-pop synths and melodies are his tools. He began as a composer for TV commercials, shows and movies while he also produced records for other Greek artists.
In 2010, he released his debut, entitled “Played” which produced the homonymous hit single. The album received blazing reviews from the Greek press and media while it's sound drawn international attention with a flattering review from NYC’s Sunday Best.
Two years later he started experimenting with a more guitar-driven direction, which gradually gave birth to his sophomore work, "Nature of Things" (2012). The track "Supply Chain" from that album won The Vinyl District's competition "TVD500" and granted Sillyboy a 7" US release with the label.
It’s now 2014 and Sillyboy returns with a new LP. “Stalker” blends retro – pop with contemporary electronica. With its low tempo rhythm, gentle guitar riffs, lyrical vocals and sunny melodies “Stalker” is the title track on Sillyboy’s third and probably best album to date, released by Klik Records in October.
The video for the single "Do it Again" already premiered on Exclaim Magazine's (Canada) website while "Stalker" is receiving extensive radio airplay.

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