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Ingrid Frosland in MiRollo thanks to 2ube & Bluesoapmusic

Ingrid Frosland
Dare to Believe
19 March 2015
Ingrid Frosland brings you music that blends acoustic folk with upbeat Scandinavian pop. Whether it’s being lead by fragile fingerpicking, electric guitar and delay, or a banjo groove, her music is captivating.

Ingrid currently divides her time between Liverpool and Norway, and her ambiguous relationship with her sense of home is a recurring theme in her song writing, a Scandinavian version of Regina Spektor, Gabrielle Aplin and Daughter.

Over the last few years, Ingrid Frosland has played festivals like Liverpool Sound City and Musikkfest Oslo.  She set attendance records on her recent winter tour in Norway and played several gigs in The UK. She’s had tracks played on BBC Merseyside and on Tom Robinson’s Mixtape on BBC Radio 6 Music, as well as receiving both regional and national radio play in Norway (NRK P3).

“It’s with the racing beat and the strumming of the guitars that you’re
lifted higher towards the sky with all of the dreams laced in between
Ingrid’s lyrics”
Oblivious Pop (2014)

http://uror t.p3.no/#!/Band/ingridfrosland

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