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Great Reviews For The Shy Lips and Soft Picasso

Soft Picasso
What's To Become Of Us
1 June 2015
Lead Track: Wrong Type of Night

Existing somewhere between dream and memory, Soft Picasso's quirky world is borne out of lo-fi honesty.

Recorded in a bedroom in Liverpool, the duo's stripped back approach uses simple guitar, bass, keyboard and drum machine arrangements to support their intimate storytelling.

The 4-track EP "What's To Become Of Us" is a lyrically enchanting collection of sonic snapshots, ethereal reminiscences of lives past and futuristic nostalgia. At the core of the performances are the vocal harmonies of Nik Kavanagh and Clare Jones, who also play all the instruments on the tracks.

Hailing from seaside town Morecambe in Lancashire , songwriter Nik, formerly bassist with John Peel session regulars Ella Guru, provides the musical foundation for the band's sound.

His understated delivery is complimented by the warm rich textures of Clare's vocals. Clare, from Monmouth is an accomplished singer and founding member of a capella trio Barbieshop.

The due first performed together at the wedding of a friend and are named after a Vic Chestnut song.
Nik says: "These songs are like postcards to myself, moments of time that I don't want to lose. What started out as sketches on an acoustic guitar really came to life during the recording and Clare brought a little bit of magic to the songs."

Featuring themes of love, loss and hope, these tunes are a joyous earful from start to finish.

For fans of:
Young Marble Giants
Sean Nicholas Savage
Hidden Cameras

Twitter: @PicassoSoft
The Shy Lips
Bahia Part II
4 May 2015
The Shy Lips are back with another slice of infectious and energetic rock n' roll in the form of their new single 'Bahia Part II'.

2014's single ‘She was Born in Bahia’ was described by Jungle Indie Rock as "funny, fresh, very easy listening and that kind of summer song that makes you happy", perfectly summing up the songs these indie rockers write, they're immediately engaging yet edgy, channeling influences from some of the greatest rock n rollers of the twentieth century yet retaining their own unmistakable sound. Live performances see the band utterly immersed in their music, always stylish, yet raw and energetic.  

Formed in early 2012, the band was the brainchild of singer Adam and bassist Victor during travels in Europe and South America. The Shy Lips became reality when Adam and Viktor recruited Anton and Alexander in the vibrant music city of Gothenburg. After just six months as a band The Shy Lips had their first EP out on the streets, played the biggest clubs in Gothenburg and were receiving national radio airplay.

Since April 2014, the band have made legendary Svenska Grammofonstudion their recording studios of choice. The attention generated by their last couple of singles ('She Was Born in Bahia' and 'That's Where I Belong') has brought The Shy Lips more national airplay in countries across Europe as well as attention from some of America’s coolest underground independent radio stations; the boys are taking their success in their stride though.  According to vocalist Adam "it’s all about keeping it simple, so simple it gets hard to understand what the thing is. You just know The Shy Lips got it…"

"The band have shown an ability to produce something special in ‘She was born in Bahia’, and with some exciting reviews about their on-stage performances we’re looking forward to hearing more!"
London on the Inside

"I absolutely love this single, it's the sense of being part of a gang or collective that's missing from so many bands these days which makes 'She Was Born In Bahia' such a delight."
Listen With Monger
"If you could summarise this track in one word it would be FUN – I was Born in Bahia is total unadulterated FUN. It’s got this super rubbery surf riff. It’s really dancey and it sounds a bit like first album era Strokes. In fact if the Strokes actually had a sense of humour they would record something like this."
Stage Dive Malta

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